Kuehne Dinette Set? ?

I purchased a dinette set at an estate auction this past weekend. The dinette table is round with a 2' leaf. It is cream formica with a brown outer stripe and a copper colored metal edging. The chairs that came with it are cream and brown naugahyde with copper colored legs and are marked Kuehne Mattoon IL. The chairs look like a wingback chair on the top, with studs on the back holding the naugahyde. Would anyone have any information as to the age of this set? It's in excellent condition, and I'm thrilled to have it. I'm just very curious as to the provenance. Thanks.

Kuehn was in business form 32 to 65....so somewhere in there.
the copper strip says to me perhaps 1960.
Linda C

copperlisa, could you possibly post a photo of your dinette set? I would be very interested in seeing it, sounds very much like one owned by an Aunt many years ago...