Old Meeting House Maple Furniture ?

Does anyone know anything about Old Meeting House Maple Furniture made in Winchendon, Mass? I can find absolutely nothing about them other than some book you can order for $85 dollars! I recently bought a gorgeous solid wood dining room table and set of chairs and I was interested in the value and how I should care for it (it has some wear and tear on the top). Thank you!

I like to use a very mild mix of soap and water and only a damp cloth to clean old furniture careful not to make the finish wet at all. I then dry it thoroughly so as not to leave any dampness behind. After I am certain there is no moisture left I buff on furniture wax, let it dry and then polish it up. This leaves a very nice glossy finish. I don't like any of the spray on dust/polish products. They don't really offer that hard shine you get from furniture wax. After all wax is what they used in the olden days.