William Hartley's ITI Radio Photo

I saw your radio photo in the , it looks nice are you going to give us any more information on it? If you could get that tatooed redhead to pose with it you could probably sell a few on Ebay.


That is the model 546-T. 5 for five tubes, 46 for the year 1946 and the T for ??.

The radio was also sold as the Lyric 546-T and the Knight 546-T. The tube lineup is 35Z5, 12SA7, 12SK7, 12SQ7, 50L6. Except the Lyric version had a 50A5 instead of the 50L6.

The neat thing about this radio is that is has a stylish bakelite back panel too. If you would like to see one front and back, let me know and I'll email some pictures of my Lyric.

Well Brian here is some information on it. I bought most of the unasembeled kit off of ebay last year.Here are some things that were missing from the kit,Antenna,speaker,tubes,cabinet.I replaced the old stock capacitors with orange drops. The speaker and antenna were salvaged from a knight radio. Tubes are tested used ones,i had lying around.The cabinet was taken from another knight radio i got from ebay.Needless to say i have more time and money than it`s worth,but it plays very good,plus i have more knight and iti radio chassis than i will ever need!