German Radio Schematic Source

I just picked up a Telefunken "Wien" with no model number on there a source for schematics for German Radios similar to Nostalgia Air?

There's a Telefunken Wien 5184WK listed in Sams Photofact 665-12. The Photofact series is probably the only domestic source.

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A good source for European radio information is . There are eight models of Telefunken Wien listed there, starting with the 56-57 model year. Several have pictures so you can visually match.

I didn't see schematics for most of the Wien models, but you can enter a request for one on there and someone might find a schematic for you. Lots of other European radios have schematics downloadable on that site (if you register with them, which is free).


It's an interesting for sure. I bookmarked it. Thanks for posting it. Though when I went to sign up, I see that they are asking a one time only US$20 fee. I'll hold back a bit and visit a few more times before deciding.

Unfortunately, it didn't have the German set I'm looking for. I have a Blaupunkt Athabaska Model 5005/1 console, that I can't seem to find anything on.


Hmm.. The $20 request is something new.

I also did not see anything on the Blaupunkt Athabaska.



I think the current sign-up fee might be partially due to a lack of reciprocation....Meaning, some of those that use the site haven't been contributing schematics, other info, photos, etc.

I get the impression Ernst expects everyone to give as well as take....Can't blame him there.
Something akin to an "everybody brings a covered dish to the party."

Walter H. uses that site to help out others here, and is a prodigous contributor to that site.

I think that is fair. A lot of burden and work involved with that site, as it is with ARF.

I'm guilty. I've only offered some info on export variant. I need to take the time to scan and upload about a dozen original schematics I have that aren't listed yet...
My initial excuse was no scanner for new computer...Recently, that has been resolved.
No excuse now...


Hi Den,

Yes, you're right -- Ernst would like people to contribute as well.

However, I'm a bit perplexed as to what is really useful to contribute. Schematics for American radios are available at Nostalgia Air, so it seems a bit futile to scan schematics for American radios. It's also such a drop in the bucket. If I scan 100 schematics, it's such a tiny fraction of what is needed.

For European radios, the situation is different. There is no Nostalgia Air, and each schematic scanned and entered creates something new and useful.

Any thoughts on what would actually make sense to submit? Maybe I should just ask Ernst. He did ask me to do some translation for him a while back, maybe I should get to it!


The dozen or so schemes I mentioned are for German radios not yet posted.
I think Ernst wants to add N. American radios as well. I am starting to see some models listed in the database.

Too bad my German is so poor now.
As a kid, I had 4 yrs. of grade/ high schooling in the language. Was actually quite proficient in conversational German while there.
Unlike riding a bicycle, one _can_ lose the language ability if not used for >40 years.

Some of the German guys have a 'grammatical chuckle' when I attempt to write in German now.
Sort of like "Pidgeon German."
-At least I try!


Another possibility is Wumpus´s Old Radio World at . I think Just Radios has some European radio schematics. Just checked the Just Radios site and found listed a schematic for a Telefunken Wein Stereo 2594.