RCA Radiola 67

Hi group -- I'm brand new to this forum, as of today, and it looks really good! Anyhow, for openers here is my question. I have an RCA Radiola 67. It is a big beast radio/phono console from 1929. It is in beautiful shape and looks good, but at some point the original phono was replaced by a somewhat modern player with 33 and 45 RPM speeds. It appears to work but I would like to put an original unit back in the console. Does anyone have an idea for a possible source for such a thing?

One additional item: the only cabinet flaw is that the decorative wooden cutout grille on the speaker opening is missing. I have a couple of pictures (poor) of the orginal. Are there any sources for skilled cabinet makers who could duplicate this grille?

If anyone on this forum has a 67 I would be most anxious to contact you and get any advice or guidance as I proceed with the electrical/elecronic restoration. Thanks. Dick B., VA


As for a source of an original phonograph, you'll probably have to just begin a quest to find another original from a junker radio. That's an annoying part about the hobby is when there is an original part missing that has not been reproduced. There are some parts missing to a couple of sets in my collection that I have been looking for for upwards of 7 years. But, your persistance is usually rewarded.

Sadly, it's all too common for these consoles to be gutted and the chassis and speakers hocked on ebay or similar sites. According to RadiolaGuy's website,
there were only a little over 4,000 of this radio made so finding the phono part might be tough. Not impossible though, but it could take a long time. If it were me, I'd live with it the way it is and go ahead and restore the receiver, but be keeping my eye open for an original.

You can find the schematic for the radio here:

If you are new to radio restoration, you might want to post some general specific questions here on how to get started and all. There are a lot of great people here who have a vast wealth of knowledge. That's another fun part of the hobby - helping out others!


I guess I have one of Toms' gutted Radiola 67 consoles. Specifically the botton, table portion. I saw it at a fea market nested amoung other antique furniture. It looked somewhat familar, but it took awhile to determind what just what model Radiola it was. Sadly after many years there appears to be little hope for resurrecting her. Still, she makes for a fine support for my monsterly heavy Stromberg Carlson 635A receiver. I wish you good luck Dick.

Larry Hare