Fairbanks Morse Radios

I really like Fairbanks Morse radios. I suppose it's because many of them had big, colorful dials and they aren't terribly commonplace. The "turret shield" chassis cover and the giant speaker trim marketed as a "tone projector" is just darn cool on the consoles. Some of the older tombstones had a fantastic art deco style with a lighted dial pointer. It's also fun to read their sales literature.
Of course, Fairbanks Morse no longer manufactures radios and household appliances in Indianapolis but they are building high quality diesel engines in Beloit, Wisconsin. How about that--- a great American manufacturing company still in business! Unfortunately, we can't say that about Zenith.
Is anybody else a FM fan?
Hi RLB. I only have a couple wood table models. One I was given as a kid. I refinished it when I was about 10. Not correct as you might imagine. Colorful rectangular dial. Has a ballast tube and not many more.
I went nuts a few years ago at an auction and brought another home. Nice colorful round dial and eye tube.
I just don't find them here for some reason. I was always familiar with the name. We had a couple of tractors with Fairbanks Morse magnetos. www.pbpix.com/radio
www.renovatedradios.com. He makes all kinds of grommets for radio tuning gangs and chassis mounting. He didn't have any Fairbanks Morse tuning grommets, but told me to send the remnents of the old ones. I mailed it off and in a few weeks had made a mold and sent me the grommets which worked great! So, if you need grommets for the FM sets send Ed an email. I believe that these grommets work not only on the 8A sets, but any of the big copper colored FM sets of 1937.
Chesapeake, VA
I was given a FB Morse 8A C-2 Console with a 8A chassis, a few years back. It was stripped but he did a careful job in doing it.
It had the original FB Morse caps in it, so I decided to restuff those. Looks totally stock underneath.
(If anyone has a Turret Shield for sale, please let me know.)
My set also had the "Tone Projector" speaker setup, and it plays very well.
Hopefully I will get to the finishing of the wood this year.
The sets are nice, especially those dials they came out with.
ADDED BONUS>>>Now for those with the console and other 8A sets, I recently posted the original hang tag scans that were on my set. The smaller tag was tied to the AC cord at the chassis.
I will leave it to you to clean up the bad spots if you like.
(After you get to the page, right click on the images on this page to save as..)
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