How much is an Admiral phono/radio/tv from 1948 worth?

How much is an Admiral phono/radio/tv from 1948 worth? It is in good condition. The TV needs 1-2 tubes to work but everything else works great. Please let me know the value!!! I have the model number and pictures if necessary too.
Really ... nothing unless someone just happens to want it .
Unfortunately, as was said above, not really that much. You actually see quite a few of them around all things considering and they don't bring hardly anything. Best thing to do is use it as a nice piece of furniture or have it hauled away.
I wouldn't trash it, but I wouldn't expect to get rich off it either. If it needs work, I'd list it locally for $50 and see what happens.
I agree that it is not worth very much if anything because few collectors want TV-Radio-phono combinations.
I have been given at least a half-dozen of these over the past several years just for taking them away.
The parts, such as the picture tube if it can be tested and known to be good, the knobs, and the control door (if it is a model that has one) are worth more than the complete set.
$20 would be a very generous price for someone to give on one of these, at least here in the midwest.
The big console radio-tv combinations don't bring big bucks as most people don't have room to store them and selling them on ebay doesn't work well as the cost of shipping is astronomical. I would say to try your local Craigslist, maybe someone in your area will have an interest in it, but don't expect to get much money for it. Harry
Hi jacque8177,
I am assuming it's a 10" set. If it is, I think these particular sets are smaller and much more attractive than typical combo. sets. I agree combo sets are generally not desirable, but values of $0-$50 seem to be a bit low on this one. And please don't trash a pre-1950 set! I'm sure if you put it on Ebay or contact local collectors, someone will appreciate it. If the screen size is bigger though, the odds are much less likely. Then you might want to just keep it and enjoy it. Good luck!