Radio station for lease

Here's something I have'nt seen before: Your very own radio station with open format: (From tampa Craig's list)
Radio Station for Lease
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Date: 2007-12-25, 9:18PM EST
Have you ever wanted to put your programming on a radio station? This is your opportunity. An AM radio station north of Tampa is seeking someone to purchase it's programming time. You can run whatever legal format you wish and sell advertising to recover your cost and expenses...$2,000 a month plus expenses of roughly $2,000 that will be reimbursed to the owner.A fair security deposit plus first and last two months gets you on the air. You could sell $10,000 or more a month in advertising but the owner is ready to give someone a break. Interested parties rsponding should include some information on themselves and direct contact information. We will get back to you immediately. This is a minimum 90 day agreement with no maximum and will be governed according to the terms and conditions of an FCC approved Time Brokerage Agreement.
Location: North of Tampa
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Time brokered stations are everywhere. Form my listening location, I can copy time brokered stations from Sacramento, San Francisco, and Fresno.
Purchasing ALL of their time is as simple as writing a check! Anyone willing to drop the coin on a project like this and give it a whirl??
I have worked at brokered stations. This guy is not giving you a break. He is stuck with a dog, trying to keep from losing his shirt. He has probably tried to sell the station but nobody wants it so he's trying the lease thing. Go for it if you can afford an expensive hobby. If you get lucky you might sell enough air time to pay the lease.
Clif, ND8O.
Sometimes when you take the backroads that used to be main travel routes (US-27, US-42, US-6, US-20) you would always see the small AM stations along these routes and I am sure they all try to make a buck but can't compete with the big power stations. I guess if you had a large pension (very large) and needed a hobby buying time on one of these smaller stations might be fun, but this would probably not be a hobby for the frugal types.