Telefunken Superheterodyne Opus 7 Hi Fi System Radio

Hi all. I am new to this forum. I recently lost my dear uncle, a war world 2 veteran. His house contained some antique items and I was wondering whether they should/ could be fixed up and kept because they are valued treasures or should they be sold and if so what is the value of them. I was hoping someone here could help me.
The radio is a Telefunken Superheterodyne Opus 7 Hi Fi System Radio and I've been told or believe it to be made in 1956- 1957 based on my Googles of it. We are in Boston Massachusetts. Any advice for us regarding this item would be much appreciated. We also have a cabinet Crosley AM-FM television Model 9-409M-3 IVCO Manufacturing Division and a Kelton cabinet Sonocell System 1431 Phonograph player by Lang and Taylor Inc.
Looking for any advice on value or refinishing/ repairing some nostalgic electonic items. Thanks so much.
I am located 20 miles south of Boston, and I can help you with the Opus 7. PM me for a phone# Thanks, Ross
I have a 1956-1957 vintage Telefunken Opus 7 in my collection. One in decent physical condition is indeed a desirable radio and almost assuredly can be electronically repaired and made into one of the finest playing tube-based radios.
If it is a family heirloom that you want to keep, electrically repairing the radio so that it will work as new is certainly possible and reasonable for a radio of this quality.
You mentioned that you were looking for advice regarding this radio -- what specificially were you seeking - selling, repairing, desirability?
Take the radio to Ross! You won't regret it!