fairbanks morse console radio

i saw a fairbanks more console radio. i have never seen one of these before. it has a very odd looking speaker and a round dial. anyone know the approx value of one of these in rough condition and in restored condition.
Hi Jaso,
I have a FB-M console, I'll have to get the model number in a few minutes.
I need to finish the cabinet but the set has been recapped/restuffed as original. A guy gave it to me a few years back.
The speaker is rather odd looking. Some sort of copper color ring around the edge right?.
Let me get some pics, I'll be back.
OK, the model I have is the 8A chassis. The cabinet design may vary.
I was in the process of toning the trim, but was turning out too dark, need to finish stripping it back off, then trim in a lighter color.
I really have no idea what these will go for, but I say average of $100 to $170 maybe?
I love the dial on this one.
Is this what yours looks like?
~(always a crapshoot in my case)~
At least some, or maybe all of the Fairbanks Morse sets used chassis produced by Audiola.
Fairbanks-Morse sets seem to find me. One of my first I got when I was about 14 or 15 and I still have it. A little weenie 5-tube table model (Model 5A). Man, if that radio could talk!
I got a second one of those a few years ago thats in very nice condition - much better than "mine". And I've bought/fixed/sold a few other F-Ms (table models).
But I've never had one with a good speaker field winding! These have all had a brown painted speaker...must be a jinx on those types. And as for cabinets, they have all seemed lightweight and delaminating. Again, maybe my bad luck.
Dale, I do recall seeing my 5A schematic also listed under another mfr in Riders but I don't recall which. So maybe indeed they outsourced them.
That multi-colored dial is beautiful. My shack clock is one made using a similar dial from the model 58 made by Syl!
Fairbanks Morse are nice looking sets, in the same trend as Midwest in my opinion. Once of these days I would not mind snagging a console or tombstone model.