Magnavox Chairside Radio/record player

Can anyone help with general info for a Magnavox chairside unit? I picked one up for less than $10 bucks. The radio AM section plays great-very strong audio section, however the record player has been replaced with (very good job too) an updated unit.
The date of manufacture on the bottom tag by schematic list the date as January 27th, 1930.
Want to find complete schematic and possibly the correct record player. The cloth over the speaker was the only thing needing attention believe it or not and was replaced with a fabric that fits the period nicely. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
You can find several replacement patterns On the phono, I don't know if I would waste too much effort to find/replace an original since it would probably be 78 only. I have several nice early prewar consoles where sometime in the past the phono unit was replaced, one by a Collaro unit and the other by a Garrard type A unit. Both were done extremely well, you see this quite a bit by people who tried to extend the use for the radio/phono unit since post war/early 50's the 33/45s were gaining much more popularity. I did find the original phono unit for my V301 but it sits in a box, someone else might change it but I would rather have the option to listen to 33's,45's and 78s.
Something's wrong with the information in the original post. Maggie Chairsides never appeared until the late thirties, as far as I've ever seen. And also, I believe that Magnavox was out of the business of making radios in 1930.
Maybe you can give a tube complement of the set, and we can dope out something from that. There's little doubt that you have a fine radio there; only that the information doesn't go together right.