antique radio repair shops in Houston, TX

Can anyone recommend a good repair shop in Houston? I've got my grandparents' 1948 Silvertone cabinet w/ radio, phonograph and wire recorder that I'd like to get working. When I plug it in, a light comes on in the radio, but nothing else works. Hopefully, it's fixable.

Thanks in advance.

Well you could take it to someone locally or you could remove the chassis and speaker out of the cabinet and box it well and ship it to someone in another area of the country so they could repair the radio for you. Shipping might add 20-40 to the cost but you may save that in the repair cost because it gives you some additional options. Normally removing the speaker is removing 4 screws / nuts and the chassis might be 4-8 screws / nuts but it is typically not that difficult.

Houston has a vintage radio club...the HVRA. You can reach their website at You should be able to contact someone from that website that might be able to help you out. I'm not sure but B Werzner, the club president, might be able to help you out.


I am a member of HVRA and there are several members qualified to repair or restore your Silverstone combination set...However, the members contact page was not up when I checked a few minutes ago...If you want me to forward your e-mail address to one or two fellow members who may be in a position to help you I will be pleased to do so...Let me know.


As Rene said, B Werzner restores radios for clients.

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